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AssesSurgery will consult hospital departments and managements, other health care providers as well as governments in all issues concerning quality in surgery and perioperative medicine. The focus of the consulting may also involve conflicts among team members and specific cases of putative malpractice.


AssesSurgery ensures, because of its academic background, that site visits and any evaluations will be performed by internationally recognized specialists in the field and that all data collected will be complying with national and international standards, whenever available.


AssesSurgery guarantees total confidentiality, not only for all data collected, but also for the final report with clear recommendations.


A proposition of a request will be provided for the estimated time frame of analysis, potential involved academic evaluators, and budget. The cost for the site visits will be done on a per day basis. Analysis of dossiers or patient charts will be charged on an hourly basis.


We would like to emphasize that several members of the scientific board of AsessSurgery have extensive experience with international evaluation of a variety of small and large departments of surgery, on-site analysis of complex situations, and evaluation of charts and patient care.


AssesSurgery will reinvest all profits in the company to further improve quality in surgery and perioperative medicine.


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