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Consensus Conference

There is an increasing demand for standardization in the choice of treatments for specific conditions, the so-called “personalized medicine”. The task is far from trivial because the perspectives from many stakeholders must be respected including patients, health care providers, as well as payers or governments to better control costs, while optimizing quality of care. One approach to provide widely accepted therapies is the consensus conference.


AssesSurgery offers assistance to individuals, associations or institutions to organize such consensus conferences in the fields of medicine or surgery. The proposed “Zurich-Danish” model of consensus conference relies on a clear distinction between those who provide the evidence (experts) and those who draw the final recommendations (the jury).


AssesSurgery may act as an adviser regarding the feasibility of the project, as a mentor for the organization of the conference or may provide the full organization of the event as the Professional Congress Organizer of the meeting. A budget will be submitted according to the needs of the organizing committee.


We would like to emphasize that several members of the scientific board of AssesSurgery have been pioneers and have developed extensive experience with the organization of international consensus conferences. This model of consensus conference has already been successfully used and tested on two occasions at an international level, in evaluating the role of liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma (Zurich, 2010) and on treatment of liver metastases of neuroendocrine tumors (London, 2012).


AssesSurgery will reinvest all profits in the company to further improve quality in surgery and perioperative medicine.



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