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The CCI® calculator is an online tool which supports the assessment of postoperative complications and calculation of the CCI® in one single patient as well as in a group of patients.


The online calculator for one patient serves for a fast assessment of the overall morbidity of one patient, for example the bedside use or for a morbidity and mortality conference discussion.


In case of the CCI® calculations for a group of patients, we offer a login and registration for free where you can create several lists of patients and databases according to your different projects. In your member area, you can administer, add, edit and save an unlimited number of patient lists and databases. Whenever you want, you can also add new patients, edit existing patients’ data or download the database as an excel-file for further evaluation and analysis.


The storage space in your member area is unlimited. All data have to be completed anonymously, however the data are safe and stored on the server under your personal password. Therefore please, do not share your password with anyone. All your personal login information as well as the databases will be kept and treated strictly confidential.


For those purposes, we created this simple online program, which can be used to calculate the CCI® in an individual or a group of patients.



One single patient





Group of patients

*requiered registration





The CCI® is a register trademark and is owned by the University of Zurich



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