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AssesSurgery is a web-based service, which focuses on the delivery of key information on outcome research in the broad field of surgery. A strong emphasis is given to the Clavien-Dindo grading system of postoperative complications and the recently developed and validated comprehensive complication index (CCI®) summarizing all post-surgery complications.


AssesSurgery initially targets five main topics. First, AssesSurgery aims to provide information about the most relevant endpoints available in surgery, including the definition of the various types of negative outcomes and the Clavien-Dindo classification, ranking complications by severity. It also offers an online calculator to compute the Comprehensive Complication Index (CCI®) for individuals or groups of patients. TheCCI® was recently developed to summarize all complications, occurring in a patient in a single number, ranging between 0 and 100. The CCI®calculator is also available for free as an App for smartphones. Other relevant endpoints are presented, including the many quality of life markers. Second, AssesSurgery describes the most relevant prediction scores available in surgery and related surgical fields. A number of prediction scores for perioperative morbidity and mortality are presented. Long-term patient and disease-free survival are also discussed. Finally, links for further information for the respective scores are provided. Third, AssesSurgery offers a platform to calculate the balance of risk (BAR) score for potential recipients of liver transplantation, matching recipient and donor risks. Patients with a score above 18 (score ranging from 0 to 27) may not be transplanted. Fourth, AssesSurgery may offer assistance in preparing conclusive consensus conferences on controversial medical topics. We have recently developed a novel methodology, called "the Zurich-Danish" model, which addresses relevant topics through panels of experts and an independent "unbiased" jury. Fifth, AssesSurgery may also provide professional web services exclusively to the medical community. Those websites are built around the needs for specific medico-surgical projects and congresses with the aim of being readily accessible and easy to use

Finally, the team behind AssesSurgery is offering consultations for the thorough evaluation of surgical programs or departments for peer review and independent evaluation.


All services online are provided free of charge, and assistance for consensus conferences, web services and/or consulting in hospitals will be charged on a pre-established contract. Finally, AssesSurgery may sell advertising space for medical societies and conferences, as well as for pharmaceutical and medical companies.


AssesSurgery is an independent, non-for-profit, organization, which provides tools and services for improvement in the quality of surgery.




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